Seven days of adventure across Florida.

I was recently lucky enough to travel to the beautiful east coast with VisitFlorida. I had mentioned Florida to friends and they had only talked of places like Disney Land and other tourist attractions. Oh how they were wrong!

Our journey was going to be around a week, covering areas within Ocala, Martin County and Fort Lauderdale. The perfect mix of forrest, natural springs, wildlife and the beach.

We started with an action packed few days in the Ocala area, covering the stunning Rainbow Springs State Park, a wild canyon adventure and a horse ride through the forest.

At Rainbow Spring State Park we paddled on glass bottom kayaks, explored local waterfalls and spotted a few animals on the move.

The amazing activities were completed with @rainbowspringadventures, @makin_tracks_trail_rides and @zipthecanyons.

Check out a few Ocala moments below!

Our mission moved onto the next area, with Martin County our target. Paddle boarding, surfing (my first time) and water bikes were just a few of the highlights. As well as the activities, we also found a few local gems to photograph. We had unforgettable sunsets beaming down whilst we were paddle boarding, which lead to some fantastic images.

For those didn’t already know, Martin Country is located in the Treasure Coast region. Which of course means plenty of opportunity on the water. We spent a little time with a local company @theohanabus, who were fantastic.

For our last evening we set sail on a beautiful ship, experiencing those soft pastel colours in the sky from the water was an experience I’ll certainly take home with me. Towards the end of the sail the moon started to rise and we all got way too excited!

Activities in Martin County provided by: @theohanabus, @schoonerlily and @ridingthewavestc.

After a thrilling time in Martin County we made a short nighty minute drive to Fort Lauderdale. We had an adrenaline packed few days planned with lots happening.

We had the opportunity to get a little wild on the water, with the SeaBob, Seabreacher and FlyBoard available with our fantastic hosts @aqua_flight. Once we had completed this we had a lovely afternoon within the Everglades National Park. . The park is the largest tropical wilderness in the United States. Famous for its alligators and abundance of wildlife. Here’s a few images below from our time at Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding area.

Activities: @aqua_flight and @evergladesholidaypark.

This blog post was in collaboration with VisitFlorida.